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My go-to's for creating an organized and inspiring home office! May 11 2020

Our environment has a huge impact, positive or negative, on our productivity and emotions; the right aesthetics can help to keep us motivated and inspired!  For me, my first order of business is to remove the clutter and get organized. Having organizational products that are functional and beautiful makes all the difference! 


See Jane Work White File BoxI have several of these file boxes;  I like that there’s an attached lid, and they neatly line up next to each other.  One stays on my desk for ongoing projects and, although my office is mostly paperless, there are certain things that I keep in paper form, and these are perfect for that! There’s a spot for a label on the front, but I label them above the handle with my trusty label maker and line them up on my bookcase. Available at Office Depot and See Jane Work $20.00


Poppin Office Products Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet

I discovered Poppin last year, and boy am I glad I did!  I love this file cabinet!  It’s powder-coated steel, locks, it's available in different drawer configurations, with or without casters, plus there are many colors/color combinations to choose from! (yes, I am excited about a file cabinet!) White and other select colors are on sale at the Container Store for $212.49, and more colors are available at $269.99


Before I found Poppin, I used this beautiful acrylic file box, but now it displays all of my moulding samples! If you're looking for a file box, this is very stylish, and the handles make it easy to tote around.  Russell+Hazel $80.00

 Russell+Hazell Hanging File Folder

Here are my go-to file folders!  They are not only white, which can be hard to find, but they’re super high-quality.  I’ve had mine for a few years now, and I haven’t had any tearing or signs of wear. Made by Russell+Hazel and available from $17.00


Smead White File FoldersThese are my favorite interior file folders, they’re not only almost the same shade of white as the Russell+Hazel hanging folders, but I love the more modern, straight-cut tabs.  Made by Smead (available in 11 colors), 100 file folders for $35.98 on

Brother P-Touch Label Maker

A label maker is a must-have for any home or office!  I use the P-Touch by Brother, available at for $24.00 and purchase label refills from Costco.

Russell+Hazel Desk Organizer

This is a functional piece of art! Beautifully crafted, it can serve as a decorative piece of art, bookend, or collator.  It’s a beautiful and functional addition to any desk! Acrylic Desk Organizer, Russell+Hazel $28.00


Stainless Steel Magnetic Board

Years ago, I purchased a stainless steel magnetic board and hadn’t regretted that purchase for a second!  I love the look of a clean, contemporary aesthetic mixed with traditional wall mouldings. This one looks really similar to the one I have, available from for $95.00


Vase of Fresh Flowers


Don't forget fresh flowers or a beautiful plant; it makes a big difference! Lately, I've been getting bright, fresh flowers from Trader Joe's, but my usual go-to is a Trader Joe's Orchid, Cyclamen in the colder months or a large Hydrangea plant during the summer months.  


Nest Candles

I’ve always loved beautifully scented candles. I often have one on my desk; there is just something so calming and soothing about the soft glow of a burning candle.  If you’ve followed my blog posts over the last couple of years, you know that I’m a big fan of Illume candles, Nest and Trader Joe’s  has been upping their candle game the last year or so with high-quality candles that rival the much more expensive ones.

I hope I've been able to provide some inspiration!  Oh, and don’t forget the soft background music!  (We’ve been using Pandora to listen to soft jazz or a little Diana Krall during the workday.)


Please take good care of yourself and stay safe and well!



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