The Snack Foods I'm Loving Right Now! (Yes, you're reading that correctly!) November 20 2020

Well, this has been a crazy year, to say the least! Usually, I do a blog post of my favorite things for each season, that went completely out the window! The last one I did was, wow, Winter 2019!  As I began compiling my list, I realized . . . it’s mostly food! 🤣 Food + some beauty products, so I’m dividing this into two blog posts, one now and one (hopefully) in December.  Here we go . . . I’m starting with food . . .  I hope you discover some new favs!


My whole family is in LOVE with these yummy Sea Salt Corn Dippers by Pipcorn. There are only three ingredients: 100% whole grain heirloom corn (sustainably grown), sunflower oil and sea salt.  It’s a “treat” you don’t need to feel guilty about!  They taste amazingly buttery (but there’s no butter), light and crispy! Available online at and at Whole Foods for about $3


Chao CheeseI know this seems random, but hey, I’m going with it . . This is *THE BEST* vegan cheese.  I have an intolerance to a lot of foods (which is a big pain in the butt, by the way), so when I heard about this cheese by Chao, I pretty much immediately bee-lined over to Whole Foods.  This cheese is so good; I even eat it right out of the packaging.  It’s creamy and melts perfectly, unlike most faux cheese. Even if you aren’t vegan, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this cheese. Available online, at Target and Whole Foods for about $6

Hu Chocolate Gems

If you love chocolate as I do, but sugar is an issue, this might be a solution. These chocolate “Gems” by Hu are made with organic coconut sugar, organic cacao, and organic cocoa butter; that’s it.  I like mixing them in my version of trail mix with pecans and dried cherries or, ya know, just eat them straight out of the bag 😉 Available online and at Whole Foods for about $7


Rao's Marinara SauceI found out about Rao’s marinara sauce from an Ina Garten article, so I had to try it when I saw it at Costco. Oh my goodness! This is the best marinara sauce! Ina never disappoints! Available online and in most grocery stores, including Costco and Target, for about $5-$7.


Trader Joe'sIf you’re looking for a grain-free, nut-free crackers that taste pretty darn good, check out this new addition to the Trader Joe’s line up.  These Cauliflower Crisps are amazing and pairs well with Chao vegan cheese. If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you, I think these are made by Hippie Snacks, available in grocery stores and online for about $4


Querciabella ChiantiWould you like some wine to go with your cheese, crackers, pasta and/or chocolate? How about a bio-dynamic, organic, vegan wine from Italy?  I literally just found this wine company, Querciabella, and I’m a happy girl!  I pretty much stopped drinking wine because I didn't feel well the next day, even if I only had one four-ounce glass, and sometimes even if it was low sugar and organic. I couldn’t figure out why. I recently discovered that it’s common to use egg white or casein (principal protein in milk) for fining in the wine-making process. (Who knew?) That’s when the light bulb went off.  (Pesky dairy and egg intolerance, sigh) Probably TMI for most of you, but if this little tidbit of info helps someone out there enjoy wine again, I’m happy. 😊 Available at Bevmo and online from


Lesser Evil Popcorn

Last but not least, the perfect popcorn for movie night! Lesser Evil is one of the best tasting, healthy popcorn I’ve had. Made with organic corn, coconut oil, and Himalayan pink salt; simple ingredients, but super tasty! Available online and in stores for about $3.





I hope you've found some new favorites too! Happy Snacking! :)