To replace or not to replace your plain doors . . . September 05 2014

So….you have that daunting task of trying to decide what to do with the plain doors you have throughout your home. Do you buy the hollow core, stamped out, four or six panel doors from your local home improvement store and hire someone to cut the door to fit / hang the door, paint it, and install the hardware or do you just keep what you already have? The truth is, most of us are pretty much over the stamped out doors that we see in tract houses these days…or do you spend the big bucks and buy quality new doors, plus pay someone to install them?  Not to worry, we have a much easier solution for you!  Upgrade the doors you already have for a fraction of the cost, and trust me, you will love how they look!

Our product was conceived as a means to address the time and cost of doing it yourself or paying a carpenter and painter verses the simplicity of adding Luxe Architectural® door moulding kits! Particularly in the case of homeowners wanting to update a house full of plain slab doors, the time / labor savings can be quite substantial as well as the dust, fumes, intrusion, etc involved in replacing doors. Also, in older homes, a lot of doors are not standard sizes due to settling.

Our raised door moulding kits allow you to keep the doors you already have. Not to mention if the doors you already have are solid core, you should hang on to those. Even if they are hollow core, reusing / upcycling  is good for the environment!  Check out our video to see how easy it is to install our door moulding kits, and in our opinion, your doors will look much better than the stamped out doors from your local big box store!

And if you have bi-fold doors, check out our four panel doors kit which fit most bi-fold doors!