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*SALE* Four Piece Self-Adhering Door Moulding Kit / Bi-Fold Door Moulding Kit


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~ Get the custom, high-end, raised paneled look quickly and easily with our patent-pending, self-adhering, door moulding kits for flat panel doors! ~

Our professional-grade wood frames arrive assembled and with our special pre-applied adhesive on the back.

 All you have to do is:

  • measure/mark (instructions and worksheet included)
  • remove the protective backing from the adhesive
  • attach to your door
  • for permanent, seamless application caulk around all edges

Voilà! An instant transformation! There's no noise, power tools, gluing, nails, or nail holes to patch and sand- we've done all the work for you! Simply paint any desired color or medium to dark stain depending on the finish option selected. "It's easy to add a little luxe in your home!"

Finish Option

Finished/Primed: Our primed moulding kits are ready for installation! Professionally made in the USA from factory-primed finger-joint pine, miters are glued and nailed, minor imperfections and nail holes are patched, the whole frame is then lightly sanded, and of course, our special adhesive is pre-applied for you, eliminating the need for nails or glue!

28" x 80" door:
8" Door Moulding Kit
{includes: 2- 8" x 36" (top section) and 2- 8" x 24" (bottom section)}

30" x 80" door:
9" Door Moulding Kit
{includes: 2- 9" x 36" (top section) and 2- 9" x 24" (bottom section)}

32" x 80" door:
10" Door Moulding Kit
{includes: 2- 10" x 36" (top section) and 2- 10" x 24" (bottom section)}

36" x 80" door:
 12” Door Moulding Kit*

{includes: 2- 12" x 36" (top section) and 2- 12" x 24" (bottom section)}

Bi-Fold doors:

36" x 80": 12" Door Moulding Kit
{includes: 2- 12" x 36" (top section) and 2- 12" x 24" (bottom section)}

14” Door Moulding Kit (Pictured on Bi-Fold Door Product Picture)
{includes: 2- 14" x 36" (top section) and 2- 14" x 24" (bottom section)}


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