Six Panel Door Moulding Kit~ Get the custom, high-end look in your home with Luxe Architectural

$ 149.99


~ Get the custom, high-end, raised panel look in your home quickly and easily with our Patent Pending door moulding kits for flat panel doors ~

Our professional grade wood frames are great for interior and exterior use, arrive already assembled with our special pre-applied adhesive on the back, primed in Kilz® Premium Interior / Exterior Primer and/or painted. All you have to do is:

  • measure / mark (instructions and worksheet included)
  • remove the protective backing from the adhesive
  • attach to your door (for permanent application caulk around the edges)

Voilà! An instant transformation! There’s no noise, power tools, dust, glue, nails or nail holes to patch and sand! We have done all the work for you, just caulk around the edges. “It’s easy to add a little luxe in your home!"


Our products are made to order and will ship from our facility within 2 - 3 weeksIf you need your kits sooner, please contact us prior to placing your order.
For orders over 20 kits, please contact us for a shipping quote.


* Primed Only Option- Requires minor prep and painting

Sizing Recommendations*:

24" x 80" door: 6" door kit

includes: 2- 6" x 9" (top sections) and 4- 6" x 24" (middle & bottom sections)

28" x 80" door: 8" door kit

includes: 2- 8" x 9" (top sections) and 4- 8" x 24" (middle & bottom sections)

30" x 80" door: 9" door kit

includes: 2- 9" x 9" (top sections) and 4- 9" x 24" (middle & bottom sections)

32" x 80" door: 10" door kit

includes: 2- 10" x 9" (top sections) and 4- 10" x 24" (middle & bottom sections)

34" x 80" door: 11" door kit

includes: 2- 11" x 9" (top sections) and 4- 11" x 24" (middle & bottom sections)

36" x 80" door: 12" door kit

includes: 2- 12" x 9" (top sections) and 4- 12" x 24" (middle & bottom sections)

*In rare cases, especially with older exterior doors, the hardware is not installed in a standard location. Measure from the edge of your door to the center of the knob.  Typically this measurement should be approximately 2 3/8”.  If your measurement exceeds 2 3/8”, you may need to order your kit one size down so the panels do not interfere with the hardware.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us! 800.490.5893 (LUXE)

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